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Graeme Thomas - Freelance graphic designer

My name is Graeme Thomas, and I am a freelance graphic designer in Bedfordshire specialising in magazine design for both print and digital platforms. Following five years in the production department at a B2B publishing house looking after 8 titles I started my own freelance graphic design business, Johnny F Designs, in 2011.

For my main account I am the production manager of a UK toy trade B2B title. I work directly with clients and am solely responsible for the design and layout of 11 core issues and 4+ annual supplements. I work directly with the editorial and sales teams to ensure a cohesive line of communication and that print schedules are adhered to.

The rest of my time is spent working for various clients, on anything from children’s books to Powerpoint presentations. Having worked in a production department, in numerous agencies, and for printing companies, I have a wide variety of skills. All of which I find advantageous, as it helps me understand the whole design process, from initial planning, right through to the finished product.

I write a (semi) regular blog with all of my tips and advice, please feel free to take a look.

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Freelance Graphic Design Services


Design and Artworking

Magazine design is where I started back in 2005, when I worked on a small beauty magazine in South Africa, and it has been my passion ever since. I have worked on a UK toy trade title, an over-50’s lifestyle magazine, and even the Argos Christmas Catalogue in 2014.

For most of my clients I offer a full service package, handling everything from the layout, all the way up to sending the finished files to the printers. Although, for some of my clients, I work purely on either design or artworking.

Digital Magazines

Having your magazines online, ready for your clients to view and follow, is a necessity these days. For all of my print clients, I offer professional digital magazines through Issuu, as the interface is clean, user-friendly, and great for SEO. As not all magazines are printed these days, a key part of my offering includes designing magazines purely for digital, an example of which can be found here.




Powerpoint and Keynote Presentations

Powerpoint and Keynote continue to be the tools of choice for most speakers. I deliver high quality presentations and template designs to all of my clients, most commonly for marketing, sales, trade shows and board meetings.

By creating eye-catching and professional presentations that are consistent with corporate branding, I aid my clients in delivering their message effectively and efficiently.


These are some of the companies I work with.

Falmouth University
Synthesis Media

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